REAL ESTATE Photography

We offer Coeur d’Alene’s premier professional real estate photography and videography. We specialize in the “flambient” style of real estate photography as well as normal HDR photography. 

Real estate photo Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Real Estate Photos

We work very hard to set ourselves apart from the run-and-gun real estate photographers. We take our time and strive for perfection. Example Galleries

Drone photo of rockford bay home

Aerial Photography

We are the Inland Northwest’s premier aerial photographers. Our images speak for themselves. We shoot every picture like you plan to hang it on the wall.

Real estate photo Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Vacation Rentals

Renters are much more likely to book and share a vacation rental listing if the pictures are professional.

Virtual Staging

Being able to help the buyer imagine how beautiful the home can look is a game changer when the property has empty rooms. 

Commercial photography

We have photographed large local project like bridges, buildings, and commercial developments.

Plot Maps

We will get a perfect aerial photo of your property and create a dynamic plot map.

We serve some of the best-known real estate brokers and home builders in the industry.

Example Galleries

Shoreline Drive

Upper Hayden

Downtown Cd'A

Real Estate Videos


Flambient (Premium) Real Estate Photos $250

Includes interior & exterior high-quality flash/ambient blended images (typically 25 – 40 final images), 24-48 hour turnaround time. *Up to 3500 Sq ft. | Over 3500 +$100 | Over 7500 Sq ft. + $200 | Under 1000 Sq ft. $195

Bracketed (HDR) Real Estate Photos $195

Includes interior & exterior bracketed blended images (typically 25 – 40 final images), 24-48 hour turnaround time. Up to 3500 Sq ft. *Up to 3500 Sq ft. | Over 3500 +$75 | Over 7500 Sq ft. + $150 | Under 1000 Sq ft. $150

Vacation Rental and commercial Photography $350

Includes interior & exterior, and detail shots. High-quality HDR images (typically 25 – 40 final images), 24-48 hour turnaround time.  Up to 3500 Sq ft. *Over 3500 +$100 | Under 1000 Sqft $250

* Vacation property photos require an extended license agreement.

* Commercial rental and business photography requires an extended license agreement. 

Add Aerial $75

Interior photos package + Includes 5 – 10 quality aerial photos of the exterior of the house and property.

Aerial photography only: $175

Exterior high-quality aerial images (10 – 15 final images).

Exterior Ground Photos Only $150

Exterior photos and detail shots. Great for showing off the street view and special features of the property. Great for locations where using a drone isn’t ideal.

Twilight Photo $195-350

A very special type of photography. We wait until sunset and get an amazing photo of your home with the lights on and the sunset sky in the background. Pricing depends on size of the home and location. * Pricing varies based on size of the property and number of photos desired.

* We use flash lighting to insure a superior photo. | Twilight Photo Example

Aerial only Video Package: $250.00

45-90 second aerial video of home or property edited with music and contact information. 48-72hr business day turnaround.

Plot Map Package: $165.00 

Includes 10 – 15 quality aerial photos of the property. Plot map superimposed on three images included.

Walkthrough Video:  $350-$750

Includes a 4k video walk-through of the house and property including professional drone footage and licensed music. Pricing depends on the size of the home, aspects of the property, and desired creative style. Example


Add on Services to Base Packages:

Accessory Buildings: $25.00 per building interior.

Second visit updated photos: After the season’s change or construction is completed we can revisit any location to retake photos for 35% off normal pricing.

Please keep in mind:

$50 cancellation fee within 24 hours of the appointment. $100 on-site cancellation fee

$35 24-hour rush editing fee (48hr normal). $50-75 rush or weekend fee.

$50 fee for visiting a location twice for a single package. *within 5 miles or Cd’A, ID

$1 a mile charge will be added to travel over 10 miles from Cd’A.

• Invoices under $200 will be charged $1 per mile more than 5 miles from Cd’A.

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